Post Mortem

Post Mortem 32.0

Post Mortem is an adventure game developed by Microïds
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Post Mortem is an adventure game developed by Microïds. It has a murder mystery plot.
Despite not being a jewel, it stands out as an adventure which has a good gameplay. While most first-person adventures have been a complete failure, there must be exceptions, and this is one of them.

In this adventure you'll play the role of Gus McPhearson, an American private detective who was in Paris on vacations. He has a small studio where he entertains himself by painting pictures, until a strange woman hires him to solve a murder.

The adventure has several options to solve the puzzles, so you may resolve some of them in different ways or even get to the puzzle in different ways.

The necessary thing Microïds takes care of in their adventures is the look. Post Mortem's videos are really outstanding, with the effects of rain and light and shadows effects which will amuse you.

The game's graphics are also good, it looks that they have been careful enough in building textures, becoming very realistic. The characterizations of the characters reach very high points, with some expressions and movements very carefully done.

The music is not great. It seems to be elevator music, and although it is varied, it barely draws attention.

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  • Great environment graphics


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